TV Alert! Open up the Presidential Debates!

Sign on to the letter below and let the TV networks know that you won't stand for a closed, two-party presidential "debate" !

Keep Viewers First!

Dear ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, CNN, and PBS:

I am writing on behalf of the third-party candidates that have no voice in this presidential election. As a concerned viewer, I feel it is my duty to convey my dismay in the exclusion of third-party inclusion from the televised "debates".

I want to urge you to do two things: refuse to air CPD debates that fail to include a 3rd party candidate; and air the debates planned by the Citizen's Debate Commission.

Attempts to restrict any candidate from electoral debates who is not in the Democratic or Republican party are a violation of the core principles that our country was founded upon, democracy and freedom of speech. I ask that NO "debate" be aired on your television network if it does not include 3rd party candidates.

As you know from recent debate history, participation by third-party candidates raises public interest, viewership and voter turnout. The 1992 presidential debates, which included third-party candidate Ross Perot, were watched by a record-breaking 90 million viewers. Presidential voter turnout went up in '92, reversing a 20-year downward trend.

However, in 1996, only the two major parties appeared in the debates, excluding candidate Perot. The result was huge drop in viewership, to a mere 41 million viewers. Over two times as many viewers watched the presidential debates of 1992 than in 1996.

We cannot depend on the Commission on Presidential Debates to change its selection criteria, as the committee is run solely by the Democratic and Republican parties. Since it is in the best interest of the CPD to NOT allow 3rd party candidates into the debates, it is up to YOU, the television networks to carry out the request of the people. I strongly urge you to reconsider any decisions to air these closed debates on national television.

I strongly urge you to air the debates that are being set up by the Citizen's Debate Commission.

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